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The Importance of a Garage Door Warranty

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The Importance of a Garage Door Warranty

Far too many people ignore the chance to purchase a warranty on their home appliances, including the garage door. Maybe they think that they can’t justify the cost, or they don’t realize the worst-case scenario that can happen to them. In reality, the garage door is one of the things in your home that encounters a great amount of abuse, and one that can be damaged over time.

All it takes is one massive storm or a brand-new driver to cause an accident that damages your secure garage door beyond repair. Or, maybe one of the components doesn’t work the way that it should because of a factory issue. Even if you think it’s something that should be replaced by the manufacturer, it’s still better to make sure that you have a warranty on your garage door. Is Your Garage Door Covered by Your Home Warranty? Many people believe that their garage door is covered under their home warranty. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. It becomes even more unlikely if the garage is detached, or if the warranty specifies home systems and appliances only. While a home warranty might cover the actual garage door opener, it usually doesn’t cover the door itself. It’s always important to read the fine print and to ask the company that issues the warranty exactly what it covers. If it excludes the garage door, you may be able to include it under homeowner’s insurance or add on a provisional policy. Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your garage door. What Can a Garage Door Warranty Do? A garage door warranty is designed to repair or replace your garage door in the event of an accident or equipment failure. It’s essential that you read through the entire warranty and understand exactly what it covers, when it needs to be renewed, and whom to call in the event that something happens to the garage door. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as needing to utilize that warranty and finding out that you have allowed it to expire. If something does happen, calling your warranty provider first can stop you from making costly purchases to repair something that would have otherwise been covered. It also helps to see if your warranty can offer cash for the cost of the parts or repair. This allows you to take care of things faster without having to wait for them to negotiate directly with a garage door supplier or manufacturer. Understanding the Claims Process While most of us hope that we’ll never have to go through the claims process, understanding how to use your warranty is essential. When purchasing the warranty, make sure to ask the company that issues it, exactly how to utilize it if something goes wrong. Understanding the claims process makes it much easier to repair and replace your garage door without a lot of additional hassle. To learn more about garage door warranties in the Parksville and Nanaimo areas, contact the experts at Hunter Overhead Doors Ltd. We know what it takes to get the best value out of your garage door!


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