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Quality Garage Door Openers in Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum

While it is important to have a high quality garage door that works as it should, even the very best door can become an annoying barrier if your garage door opener doesn’t function correctly. Consider for a moment the number of times each day your garage door is raised or lowered. It’s really a lot to ask of any appliance, and without a high quality garage door opener in place, it can wear out your system before its time.


Choose an overhead door opener that is designed for efficiency to avoid problems down the line. Hunter Overhead Doors carries the time-tested overhead door openers that Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum have come to trust for dependable performance. Whether you need to install a new garage door opener or want to replace an outdated model, our team members have the skills and training to get the job done right. 


We install heavy duty hoists, jackshifts and trolley operating systems with release mechanisms for manual operation in the event you experience a power failure. We can also install battery back-ups, motion detector lighting and even LED-lighted systems. Our experienced technicians know a lot about the overhead door openers they install and are happy to help you choose one that’s right for your needs. 


Our services include the following:

  • Broken Spring Replacement

  • Opener Gear Kit Replacement

Secure Entrance

Garage door openers play an important role in maintaining the security of your property. A second-rate garage door opener may save you a few dollars at the time of purchase, but it probably won’t offer the highest level of security. Hunter Overhead Doors Ltd. can provide a wide selection of secure, programmable garage door opener solutions that you might not find at a chain store. And you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we will complete the installation properly and efficiently.

Do-It-Yourself May Not Be the Best Option

With the vast numbers of “do-it-yourself” home improvement shows available on cable these days, you might be tempted to install a garage door opener without professional help. However, a discount garage door opener, if not installed securely and correctly, can cause problems that may be expensive to fix later. This is a job best left to the experts.

Installation and Repair of Security Gates

Security gates are becoming more and more popular with residential and commercial consumers. Even if you already have a standard security system and a strong, reliable garage door in place you might want to consider having a security gate installed, not only because it adds an extra layer of protection to your property but also because a well-installed automatic gate greatly increases curb appeal and resale value. 

Security gates are available in your choice of either a swing-open gate or an automatic sliding gate. 

We are always pleased to answer your questions and provide helpful advice about garage door openers in Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum and throughout the Mid Island communities and Gulf Islands. For more information or to request a free estimate at your location, please contact our office.

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