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Garage Door Parts in Parksville, Nanaimo & Surrounding Areas

A garage door adds both security and value to your property. Newer garage door models can be insulated, promoting better energy efficiency. While the addition of keyless control panels and safety sensors make new garage doors safer from intruders and accidents. Whether your garage door is a residential wooden carriage style one or a commercial-grade industrial steel design, Hunter Overhead Doors Ltd. has the accessories and garage door parts Parksville, Nanaimo, and area residents can count on. 


Some garage door parts and accessories you can find include, but are not limited to:

  • Springs – Springs are an important part of your garage door as they allow the door to easily open and close by providing counterbalance to the door’s weight. 

  • Rollers – Garage door rollers move the door along the tracks during opening and closing. There are many different types of rollers featuring different diameters and stem lengths. 

  • Hinges – Each section of your garage door requires different hinges with the smallest at the bottom and the largest at the top. These different sizes are needed to help sectional garage doors roll up when in operation. 

  • Weather strips – Keep the inside of your garage door clean with weather strips. These strips are installed around the door frame in order to stop rain, dust, debris, and other materials from getting into your garage. 

  • Cables – Our garage cables come in a variety of lengths and styles to accommodate different garage doors. You can find standard cables sizes along with long cables for vertical-lift and high-lift doors.

  • Remotes – Lost your garage door remote? We have a variety of garage door remote controls to accommodate most garage door openers. 

  • Keyless control panels – For added security, try a keyless control panel or pad. These keyless entry systems let you program a specific code for opening your garage door. 

  • Parking sensors – A parking sensor can help you safely and accurately park your vehicle in small or tightly-spaced garages. You can adjust the sensor’s distance to fit your needs. 

  • Safety sensors – Using a hidden beam at the garage opening, two sensors send and receive a signal that if interrupted by say a vehicle or person will stop the garage door from closing. Sensors greatly reduce serious injury caused by garage doors.

  • Gear kits – Maintain your garage doors with ease using one of our gear kits. You can find a variety of replacement gears to ensure your opener runs smoothly.

  • Commercial and residential openers – Find reliable garage door openers for all types of garage doors. We have heavy-duty openers for large commercial overhead doors and more compact openers for homeowners.

Professional Brands for Professional Quality Garage Door Parts

When it comes to garage doors, openers, and parts, Hunter Overhead Doors supplies and utilizes professional, industry-leading brands. We recognize that our superior repair and installation services are only as good as the parts we use. Whether it’s a brand new garage door or replacement remotes, you need parts and accessories you can count on to last with warranties you can trust. That’s why we rely on brands including, but not limited to:

Our team of garage door experts conduct all repairs and replacements of your garage door parts according to warranty policies.

Same-Day & Emergency Service – Garage Door Repair When You Need It

Let’s face it; a garage door can be dangerous when not working properly. A garage door operator may not run properly or a chain has come off the track or something has bent or damaged the garage door. When incidents like these occur, it’s important to get repairs and maintenance as soon as possible to decrease the risk or accidents and injuries. If you’re a business owner, a faulty garage door could also mean downtime from regularly scheduled operations, losing you money. With same-day and emergency service available, Hunter Overhead Doors can provide repair services when you need it, according to your schedule, not ours. Furthermore, by carrying a wide range of accessories and garage door parts, we are well-equipped to handle just about any issue.

Contact Hunter Overhead Doors to learn more about our same-day and emergency service or to ask about the garage door parts we have in stock.

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